Technical 3D

IS&3D ENG is expert in design of complex surface shapes like hulls, appendages, cars, and more generally products that require high quality surfaces. High quality surfaces are not only important for aesthetics and technical efficiency of the finished product but also for the whole engineering design process, with all sorts of geometrical operations made possible (offset,cut,etc.). Smooth surfaces also allow clean exports in whatever format (IGES, STEP, etc.). High quality surfaces will prevent many commons 3D problems generally encountered throughout the complete design process.

IS&3D ENG provides complete 3D modelling services for any project from conception to the finished product. With years of experience on challenging 3D-Modelling, IS&3D ENG is confident in providing highly satisfactory services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

You may still receive from clients, affiliates or subcontractors bad quality 3D files: surfaces with holes, uneven cutting, bumps, too many surface elements or other problems, IS&3D ENG provides you with “3D healing” services. Once done, you will get a good 3D, essential to conduct a project in a satisfactory and efficient manner.

You have 2D drawing of parts or objects and you want them in 3D, IS&3D ENG convert your 2D to 3D.

Most of the design projects require several “design loops”, it is therefore important to have 3D models easily and quickly modifiable. IS&3D ENG provides to its clients fully parametric models (3D models that can be easily and quickly modified by changing the inputs like: new sizes, new shape, etc.) that fit to the development and lifecycle of the products. The whole design process is efficient, flexible and time and cost-effective.

If you have any requirements or problems with 3D modelling, contact us, we have the solution.


Parametric carbon seat for Rally-Car.

IS&3D ENG received from its client the scan of an existing Rally-Car seat . From this input, IS&3D ENG created a parametric 3D model that could be easily and automatically adapted as a function of the anatomy of the pilot.

Reverse engineering

You want to control that the object that you built or bought is in line with its specifications, or you want to modify an object but you don’t have the numerical shape: IS&3D ENG offers a complete reverse engineering solution.


IS&3D ENG scans your object, generates the files and as required, compiles a report or produces 3D files for production or as a basis of a new project. IS&3D ENG works with the Faro 3D scanners: Faro ScanArm and the Faro Focus.


Those 2 scanners enable to scan from small items to big yachts, vessels and buildings with great accuracy. For the scanned 3D surface data post-processing: comparison, surface work, modelling, etc. IS&3D ENG does use CATIA from Dassault System.


Design organisation consulting and solutions

From the initial idea to the finished product, a project circulates several times throughout the departments of a company (3D, structure, production, prototyping, marketing and other departments).

The efficiency of the flow of information/data is crucial for the success of a project. IS&3D ENG developed its own solutions to optimize the communication between the different actors of a project, focussing on sending the sufficient and necessary information to the right person. IS&3D ENG developed solutions around CAD software to improve design efficiency and offer you a boost in your design methods.

CATIA training

IS&3D ENG is expert in the use of CATIA software. It has been IS&3D ENG principal day to day tool for years. This expert knowledge allows to offer our clients, high quality, tailor-made training. IS&3D ENG more than just teaching the different functions and possibilities of the program teaches you methods, how the program works, how to be efficient and which way to work depending of what you are doing.


Special Industry CATIA Training:
  • CATIA Racing Yacht Training
General CATIA Training:
  • CATIA Fundamentals
  • CATIA Solids
  • CATIA Surface
  • CATIA Advanced Surface
  • CATIA Reverse Engineering
  • CATIA Using Optimization
Tailor-made CATIA Training:
  • Tell us what your requirements are, and we will create specific training for you

Open60 for the “CATIA Racing Yacht Training

For the Special Industry CATIA Training: CATIA Racing Yacht Training, IS&3D ENG bases its training on an Open60. A racing yacht, especially in an open class, requires many design loops and research and development. This course is focused on CATIA methods to optimize this design process.

CATIA Hotline

IS&3D ENG provides you with a CATIA personalized help online. This hotline allows you to solve quickly difficulties you may have by getting direct answer to your questions. This assistance can be provided by phone or email. It will optimize your use of CATIA and save you a lot of time.

Project Management

You have a project, an idea; thanks to its experience in competitive and high tech projects, IS&3D ENG can build your dream. From the first sketch, to the final product, IS&3D ENG manages your project. We have in our network of partners, all of the elements required (engineers, experts and builders) to offer you the best solution.


Other Services

CFD (Computational Fluids Dynamics)

IS&3D ENG has a close working relationship with CFD companies, helping them and providing them with 3D models adapted to their needs. We encourage you to contact us should you need any specific aerodynamic or hydrodynamic optimization study. Following the initial briefing meeting, and in collaboration with our partners, we may arrange a complete study, from the 3D design to the final CFD result.

FEA and Structural Calculation


Many projects require structural calculations. IS&3D ENG provides solutions on a case by case basis depending on the project. Please feel free to come and discuss your technical requirements. For highly complex and specialised projects, we do work with the most highly skilled partners in the field.

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